Road Safety

We are now in to the period of dark mornings and evenings and have had several incidents of our pupils being unsafe with regard to themselves and other road users on the way to and from school whether on foot or when cycling. 

Please can you take a few minutes, to remind  your children about the importance of being aware of what is going on around them, paying extra care when approaching junctions or preparing to cross the road.  With their headphones on several pupils have just stepped off the pavement in to the road -  thankfully vehicle drivers have been alert and any major incidents have been avoided.

I would be extremely grateful, if your son/daughter cycles into school, if you could check that their bike is road worthy and I would like to encourage you once again to make them wear a helmet and some hi-visibility or reflective clothing.

Your cooperation in helping to get this message across to your son/daughter is very much appreciated. 

Many thanks

Mr Scarborough