Performing Arts

As a Performing Arts department, we pride ourselves on developing skills such as teamwork, communication and confidence which are so valuable whatever path a student chooses to take in the future. From the extended range of curriculum offers to the vibrant and outstanding quality of our extra-curricular provision, we aim to provide both inclusive and challenging opportunities that meet the needs of all students. Students have access to a range of pathways within the Performing Arts including Drama, Music, Music Technology, Musical Theatre and Production. Our extra-curricular provision includes a breadth of opportunities both within the disciplines of Drama, and Music, and more holistically across the Performing Arts. Our annual productions and performances offer outstanding opportunities for students to flourish.

In Music, at key stage 3 pupils concentrate on building confidence and creative capacity to develop their own ideas effectively to lead them to success should they choose to study at GCSE level. The GCSE course begins with skills building and progresses to pupils developing and recording two contrasting original compositions, performing both solo and as part of an ensemble, and the demonstration of knowledge in a written examination.

In Drama, at key stage 3 pupils develop skills in group work, leadership and confidence. This is effective in raising self-esteem and self-awareness as the pupils mature into young adults and builds the foundation for creative performers at GCSE level. The GCSE course begins with acting workshops to develop technique and understanding of practitioners and conventions. The pupils are assessed through performance, written evaluation and creative exploration of ideas.


4-16 Overview Drama

4-16 Overview Music

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