A key aim in mathematics is to create a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.  The curriculum gives every pupil the opportunity to experience each of the strands; Number, Ratio Proportion and Rate of Change, Algebra, Geometry & Measures and Statistics & Probability.  Within these elements, pupils also look at applying their mathematical knowledge to solve problems which are often presented in a real life context.  Pupils are also encouraged to communicate their mathematical ideas clearly in order to develop their reasoning skills.

Mathematics is a vital aspect of everyday life, from making sure pupils in the future understand how to make sure their pay is correct, to working within a career where numbers play a key role; such as an accountant.  We aim to develop pupils’ fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics, in preparation for life after secondary school.

The department liaises with our local primary feeder schools in order to deliver some thoroughly enjoyable and successful maths projects.  Year 6 pupils participate in a James Bond themed session, whilst Year 5 pupils are involved with a project themed on the London underground.

The mathematics department have followed in the footsteps of our English department and deliver a numeracy double club.   This is a project aimed at pupils in Year 5.  Pupils and parents attend a six week programme where they have the opportunity to participate in some fun and exciting maths together followed by a session of sporting activity.


4-16 Overview

Curriculum Vision