Geography is the study of the world in which we live.  This subject explores the Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments and helps us understand and explain how these are changing.

At Alderwood School we seek to help pupils recognise the differences between cultures, societies, economies, and physical environments across the world whilst also establishing what links us all together.

Within the geography department, we believe it important to push and develop our learning and skills, as well as our ability to make decisions and voice opinions on world events. Therefore, homework set is always meaningful, allowing each of us to extend our knowledge and understanding.

The learning of geography can lead to further studying and along many career pathways such as those within varying environments: travel journalism, environmentalists, marine biologists and conservationists.

The geography department is always open for extra before and after school homework and revision sessions. Furthermore, a geography club (Alderwood Globetrotters) is in its early development and is looking forward to taking on projects across the three sites, making links across all phases of learning and sharing knowledge and skills.

Where in the world will geography take you next?

4-16 Overview

Curriculum Vision