Who Are Your Governors?

Here is a little information about us …

Jane Pratt MBE (Local Authority Governor)

I have been a school governor for over 22 years including six at The Connaught. Why? Because I think every child deserves to have a very good education, is able to fulfil their ambition and have the right to become a useful and responsible citizen. By serving as a member of the governor team we can, together, have a significant influence on the future of our young people – just by asking the right questions, having very high expectations and never accepting second best.

I was, until late 2011, a member of the Hampshire Governor Services Associate Tutor Team, and supported and advised governing bodies to develop their capacity to act strategically and develop effective monitoring processes. In 2011 I was appointed as Chair of an Interim Executive Board of a secondary school in Notice to Improve.

I was very proud to be awarded an MBE for voluntary service to school governance in Aldershot in 2009.

Paul Baker (Staff Governor)

I became a Governor following the departure of Mr Hannah and the restructuring the school went through. I felt I needed to be more active in ensuring the continued development and improvement of The Connaught School.

Having worked there now for 11 years, I’m passionate about seeing the reputation of the school continue to improve, whilst ensuring the highest standards of education for all our pupils.

Robin Gray (Local Authority Governor)

I am a former senior civil servant who worked in various government departments including the Treasury and the Dept. of the Environment and also served as a Local Government and a Parliamentary Boundary Commissioner. t have been a freelance management consultant since 1993 working mostly with public sector organisations.

I became a governor originally because he wanted to give something back to the school my daughters attended. t have now been a secondary governor for about 18 years, including five years at the Connaught. In those 18 years, I have chaired finance, marketing, pupil disciplinary, personnel and community committees as well as serving on pastoral and curriculum committees. I chaired the GB of one school from 2000 to 2011. In 2011 I was also appointed to an Interim Executive Board at a primary school which had gone into special measures. I have chaired Hampshire Governors Association since 2004 and in that role have been a member of various county committees concerned with education issues. I am currently a member of the Schools Forum and Hampshire Children’s Trust Board.

Alison Green (Community Governor)

I have been a Governor at The Connaught school for more than 1O years. I began as a Parent Governor when the youngest of our three sons was in year 10. I am now a Community Governor. I have always been interested in education, training as a teacher and doing supply work at The Connaught and two other local schools for many years. I am now retired.

I am Chair of the Pupil Wellbeing committee and also on the Personnel Committee.

Pam Parker (Community Governor)

I was asked to become a Parent Governor nearly 6 years ago. Since both of my children have now left I wanted to continue to be a Governor so became a Community Governor so that I could carry on my role and watch the school grow into the great school it has become and I am pleased to continue to do so.

Angela McDougall (Parent Governor)

I was appointed as a parent Governor in 2013. My Daughter started at The Connaught School in Sept 2012 and is currently in year nine. I became a Governor as I felt the management and staff were working extremely hard to help the children excel and I wanted to give some of my time to support them in achieving their goals.

As a chartered accountant working for several local businesses, I have joined the Finance and Environment committee to help with the financial decision making within the school.

I also really enjoy attending the school’s events and meeting the pupils and parents on a regular basis.

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