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Remote Access

What is Remote Access:

Often when working at school you wish you had a USB stick to take work home. With Remote Access you can access your work remotely from home using the internet. Not only can you access you work and transfer files but if you haven’t got a spreadsheet program at home for example then using Remote Access you can access the program through the school to use on your computer at home. You will need to download some files and follow some simple instructions. Read on below to find out how you could benefit from Anytime, Anywhere as well as solve connection problems.

Getting Started

By using Internet explorer simply go to the school website; connaught.hants.sch.uk and click on the link at the top of the page, ‘Remote Access’. When prompted login using you school network account name and password.

Not Using Internet Explorer Or Want a Desktop connection?

If you are not using Internet Explorer as your web browser then you will need to download the ‘Connaught.rdp’ file from the school website to your desktop and then double click on this download to use. You can find this below.

I Remote File Transfer

I When using the remote connection provided by the school website will see your computers drives/USB sticks etc when browsing the ‘My Computer’ area. Simply drag and drop files from your school area to your home area and the other way around to transfer files easily from one place to another. If you have difficulties then please see Mrs Luckett for further support and advice.

Problems Connecting

If you cannot connect please check that you have not firewall security in place that is stopping the connection, this can be often the case in wireless networks. Either allow an exception for the connaught connection or try from a computer directly connected to the internet. If possible try and log in with your account on a friends computer that works. REMEMBER your login hours are between 6:00am and 10:00pm.

If you are still not able to login then please note the exact error message that you are getting and e-mail p.neath@mail.connaught.hants.sch.uk

Connaught.rdp – login

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