Social Studies

Social Studies at The Connaught School combine the curriculum areas of Religious Studies, Personal Development and Citizenship. Throughout the pupils’ five years with us, they will encounter a range of varied lessons, activities and discussions. The aim is to introduce them to issues that will require awareness both now and into the future.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, pupils will study a number of World Religions including Christianity, Islam and Hinduism as well as researching both atheist and agnostic viewpoints. Our pupils will then be able to see the world as a place where different people from different places with different viewpoints can all live and study together in harmony.

Personal development will give our pupils the skills to make the transition to teenagers. Pupils will study personal safety both on and off line, relationship education and a full range of issues that impact on our young people.

Citizenship will focus on areas such as being British, the legal system and Government and democracy.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, pupils will be able to study much of the above in greater depth. Debates, discussions and extended writing will help our students be prepared for life as a teenager as well as getting them ready for the next stage in their education or the world of work.

Careers will feature often. This will allow pupils to look closely at their future and “what they need to do” to get to “where they want to be”

The other three areas of study (RE, PD and Citizenship) will often be linked together to look at more “young adult” themed topics such as “rich and poor in society”, “abortion, IVF and stem cell research” and “keeping yourself safe as an older teenager”.