ICT & Computing

ICT is used in every walk of life and is a core subject throughout the school including GCSE at key stage 4. In ICT pupils learn how to use programs and applications and put that knowledge in to practice in a business context.  ICT projects usually involve analysing needs, making digital products and evaluating the work. Examples include learning how to use Office applications, multimedia products and website design.

In Computing, pupils learn how computers work and how to create simple programs. Computing involves a lot programming using various coding languages. Examples include; creating games, making simple applications and controlling the movement of an object on the screen or in real life. Pupils learn about computing throughout year 7, 8 and 9 and can opt to study computing in more depth for a GCSE in key stage 4.


Year 7 Computing Curriculum Overview

Year 8 Computing Curriculum Overview

Year 9 Computing Curriculum Overview

Year 10 Computing Curriculum Overview

Year 11 Computing Curriculum Overview