History is a fascinating subject, full of interesting people, places, events and colourful stories about the lives of others before us. It is the belief of the department that the lives of everyone who studies the past will be enriched for knowing about the influences that have shaped and made them the people they are. Knowing about the past is a rewarding and fruitful study which offers a window into different times and places and where people lived much different lives to our own. Sharing our heritage is essential to the education of every child if we are to develop our students into mature, considerate adults, capable of forming their own opinions and making decisions about their life with surety and understanding.

Learning History has relevance for all pupils regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or ability. Provision is made for all students to be able to learn about History at The Connaught School.

History is an essential part of the balanced, broad and relevant curriculum. It stimulates pupils’ curiosity about the way of life of people living in the past, in the local area, in Britain and in the wider world. By engaging with the past, pupils develop their understanding of the characteristic features and diversity of British society and of the range of societies, political structures, cultures and beliefs that influenced the actions of people in the past. Pupils develop their individual and collective sense of identity and learn to appreciate the diversity of human experience, by understanding and valuing their own and others’ inheritance. The acquisition of an historical perspective is a valuable asset to understanding the present. Historical understanding informs our questions, judgements and decisions about contemporary human actions and events and future possibilities.

Skills of historical enquiry and communication are essential components in developing an appreciation of the nature of evidence. Pupils develop their ability to use the distinctive, disciplined, problem solving methods of historians through a range of critical enquiry, thinking and communication skills. History emphasises the value of rational explanation and is a vital element in assisting the development of enquiring and disciplined minds in young people. Moreover, History stimulates and arouses interest in the past in its own right and as a source of curiosity and imaginative involvement.

History can support understanding in other curriculum areas by providing a context and perspective for study and by providing specialist skills to allow this to take place.


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