Art & Design

Art is a fundamental element in our make-up; it surrounds us in our everyday lives – from the architecture of the buildings we inhabit to the fashion design of the clothes we wear. The teaching of Art is more than just the appreciation and application of the “Fine Arts”; all strains of the subject are connected and tie-in with all aspects of our lives.

In the Art Department we believe in the basic “building- blocks” of the subject, such as continual practice in drawing skills and an understanding of colour, form and texture.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Pupils look at Abstract Art as a starting point, exploring shapes and colour through various artists. This leads to exploring the basics of 3D Drawing and Tone. The last project is one of blending reality and imagination and expressing their life through Symbolism.

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Year 8

Pupils start with Observation Drawing using a variety of materials which then develop into repeat Print Design. Looking into Architecture from different countries, the pupils explore Fashion Design. Towards the end of the year we explore and practise Landscape Painting skills.

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Year 9 

Pupils start with a Graphics project based on three Movements of Art. Pupilscreate their own contemporary version and our focus is on accuracy and tonal understanding. Next we develop ideas for a 3D project, combining a range of taught skills. The final project of the year is a GCSE-style painting with complimentary studies.

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Key Stage 4

In Year 10 pupils are guided through their first project of Fine Art Landscape painting and discover their personal strengths and tastes. A visit to a London gallery gives depth and validity to their studies before planning the final piece.

Sculpture, one of the Art Department’s strengths, is the second and last project of the 2 year coursework (60% of their final grade) and a visit to Churt Sculpture Park brings them close to commercial and artistic 3D work.

Pupils are assessed during two Mock Exams: A five hour exam in Year 10 during the summer term and a 10 hour exam in Year 11. These 2 mock exams provide pupils with a preview of the demands of the final exam during the Spring term of Year 11 (40% of their final grade).

Art & Design Year 10 Overview
Art & Design Year 11 Overview

Photography Year 10 Overview
Photography Year 11 Overview

Extra-curricular activities in Art & Design

Art can be a subject that pupils enjoy because it can be relaxing, and gives the satisfaction of creating with colour, line, shape and texture; from either observation or from imagination. They learn to really look at things and develop skills such as scale-drawing, perspective, and the use of light, shade and colour. Pupils enjoy exploring different materials and manipulating reality and fantasy.

We run after school clubs for KS3 using the strengths built during lessons in a fun and creative way. We also provide all our KS4 pupils with a welcoming atmosphere where they can develop and complete their coursework.

Where Art & Design can take you

  • Design specialists are needed in almost every aspect of industry, to create the artwork for Packaging and Product Design and to work in Advertising. The Fashion Industry absorbs a large number of people with a background in Art.
  • In recent times Web Design has become one of the most important areas Art studies can lead to.
  • Art training can be an introduction to Photography, Video or Film-Making.

Art Dealing or the Antique Trade.

  • Many people who study Art can work in Floristry, Garden Design or Interior Design, Galleries, Museums, Libraries and Exhibition Centres.
  • Training to teach Art is one of the possible avenues, often combined with producing your own artwork. Murals, Portraits, Sculpting are a few examples of commission work one may be involved in.
  • Art can also lead to Conservation or Restoration Studies and as a starting point for the study of Architecture.